Toy Soldiers: War Chest Trophy List

Toys R U Toys R U
Collect all of the other trophies for Toy Soldiers War Chest.
Welcome to the Toy Box! Welcome to the Toy Box!
Choose your first hero.
Collector Collector
Collect all of the toys for a single hero.
Completionist Completionist
Collect all of the toys for all of the core heroes.
Emperor Emperor
Complete Kaiser's Intro Campaign Mission.
Future Soldier Future Soldier
Complete Phantom's Intro Campaign Mission.
Love and Happiness Love and Happiness
Complete Star Power's Intro Campaign Mission.
Beast Master Beast Master
Complete Dark Lord's Intro Campaign Mission.
Eye for an Eye Eye for an Eye
Get 10 paybacks in a singleplayer or multiplayer match.
Shut Down Shut Down
Kill an enemy player's hero in a multiplayer match.
Challenger Challenger
Complete all of the challenges for every level of one hero's campaign.
Oooooo Shiny Oooooo Shiny
Get a platinum medal on any level.
Squish Squish
Crush a turret with a hero vehicle.
Best Friends Best Friends
Play a co-op game to completion.
Always Stealing mah Kills Always Stealing mah Kills
Get 10 assists in a multiplayer match.
Close Calls Close Calls
Kill 10 units threatening your toybox in one mission.
Booooom! Booooom!
Call in your barrage in a multiplayer match.
Call in your hero vehicle in a multiplayer match.
Competitive Urge Competitive Urge
Win 100 multiplayer matches.
You Shall Not Pass You Shall Not Pass
Survive 10 rounds in any survival mission.
Pew Pew Pew Pew
Use every turret and hero weapon of every core hero.
Maximum Power! Maximum Power!
Attach every upgrade to a turret.
Power Up Power Up
Attach an upgrade to a turret.
What's in the Box? What's in the Box?
Purchase a Blind Box pack.