Toy Soldiers: War Chest Trophy List

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Collect all of the other trophies for Toy Soldiers War Chest.
Choose your first hero.
Collect all of the toys for a single hero.
Collect all of the toys for all of the core heroes.
Complete Kaiser's Intro Campaign Mission.
Complete Phantom's Intro Campaign Mission.
Complete Star Power's Intro Campaign Mission.
Complete Dark Lord's Intro Campaign Mission.
Get 10 paybacks in a singleplayer or multiplayer match.
Kill an enemy player's hero in a multiplayer match.
Complete all of the challenges for every level of one hero's campaign.
Get a platinum medal on any level.
Crush a turret with a hero vehicle.
Play a co-op game to completion.
Get 10 assists in a multiplayer match.
Kill 10 units threatening your toybox in one mission.
Call in your barrage in a multiplayer match.
Call in your hero vehicle in a multiplayer match.
Win 100 multiplayer matches.
Survive 10 rounds in any survival mission.
Use every turret and hero weapon of every core hero.
Attach every upgrade to a turret.
Attach an upgrade to a turret.
Purchase a Blind Box pack.