Touhou Genso Wanderer Trophy List

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Obtained all other trophies.
Started the tutorial.
Visited the Yokai Village.
Defeated Buyking Rinnosuke.
Visited the Old Capital.
Defeated Crimson Raven.
Visited Watatsuki Bunnyland.
Defeated Kokoro Hata.
Cleared all of Bunnyland's attractions.
Cleared all of Kasen's trials.
Cleared Kasen's Final Trial.
Cleared Jinryu Tenketsu.
Cleared the Dogmatite Mine.
Cleared the Old Well at the Hakurei Shrine.
Cleared the Mysterious Dimension.
Maxed out your P Items.
Collected over 10,000 Nito Points.
Raised Tummy to 200.
Saved ten million yen in the offertory box.
Player's level reached 99.
Partner's level reached 99.
Used the Fusion function of Nito Fusion for the first time.
Used the Mix function of Nito Fusion for the first time.
Used the Alchemy function of Nito Fusion for the first time.
Performed Equipment Reincarnation with Nito Fusion for the first time.
Returned to the shrine using Return-of-Hakurei.
Encountered Pandemonium for the first time.
Encountered Lunar War III for the first time.
Stayed at an inn more than 30 times.
Paid 150,000 yen to stay at the New Hakutaku Hotel.
Unlocked all facilities at Kappa Mine.
Successfully stole an item from the shop inside a dungeon.
Defeated the owner after stealing from them.
Defeated 12 or more enemies with one action.
Cleared more than 10 dungeons.
Watched all the scenes in every shop.
Recorded all enemies.
Recorded all characters.
Recorded all cut-ins.
Recorded all Mix recipes.
Recorded all Alchemy recipes.
One stat on your equipment reached 99.
Road of Hakurei's level reached 99.