Tiny Troopers: Joint Ops Trophy List

Boot Camp Boot Camp
Complete the Tutorial
It's not over yet soldier! It’s not over yet soldier!
Complete Soldier Campaign
No rest for the Spec Ops No rest for the Spec Ops
Completed Spec Ops Campaign
V for Victory V for Victory
Both campaigns completed
Death from Above Death from Above
Use an airstrike to kill 3 enemies at once
War Bonds War Bonds
Earn 1,000,000 Command Points
Decked Out Decked Out
Fully upgrade your squad
Lazarus! Lazarus!
Revive fallen squad members 10 times
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Are you even trying? Are you even trying?
Lose the first mission in either Campaign
Killer Chicken Killer Killer Chicken Killer
Zombie – Kill 100 zombie chickens
Not left for dead Not left for dead
Zombie – Get a full squad
Don't say the Z word Don’t say the Z word
Zombie – Reach wave 10
Carl? CARL! Carl? CARL!
Zombie – Reach wave 25