Time Machine VR Trophy List

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Obtain All Trophies in Time Machine VR
Complete the Tutorial Level
Complete Level 1
Complete Level 2
Complete Level 3
Complete Story Mode
Return to any level in Exploration Mode
Help the Baby Pliosaurus find its mother.
Investigate the Ophthalmosaurus further
Investigate the Titanites further
Create a new couple in the Dakosaurus group
Resolve the mystery of the smaller bites on the Lusotitan
Find out why there is a lone Hesperornis
Investigate the veteran Elasmosaurus
Sate the Mosasaurus' voracious hunger.
Investigate the creature that saved you from the Megalodon.
Find out what happened to the Megalodon that attacked you.
Investigate the Neoparadoxia's herd structure.
Discover Your First Monolith
Escape your first Monolith
Complete 3 Monoliths
Complete 5 Monoliths
Complete 7 Monoliths
Complete 9 Monoliths
Complete All Of The Monoliths
Unlock the Dinodex
Complete your first Dinodex Entry
Complete 3 Dinodex entries
Complete 5 Dinodex Entries
Complete 7 Dinodex Entries
Complete 9 Dinodex Entries
Complete the Dinodex entries for all of Story and Exploration Mode's creatures
Complete your first Monolith Entry
Complete 100% of the Dinodex
Annoy Rob with the Mosasaurus' help
Reach the True Ending.