Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales Trophy List

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Get all trophies.
Finish the Thronebreaker tutorial.
Recruit Barnabas Beckenbauer into your army.
Recruit Isbel into your army.
Recruit Eyck into your army.
Recruit the dog into your army.
Find all golden chests.
Fully upgrade your army camp.
Read all spymaster letters.
Obtain all weapons.
Complete the main story line for Lyria.
Complete the main story line for Aedirn.
Complete the main story line for Mahakam.
Kill count Caldwell.
Complete the main story line for Angren.
Complete the main story line for Rivia.
Finish the Thronebreaker campaign.
Complete 20 Puzzles.
Win a non-Puzzle Battle without any of your units being killed.
Train your first Gascon Unit.
Train your first Raynard Unit.
Play 5 or more characters in one battle.
Own at least one copy of each non-Reynard, non-Gascon unit.
Unlock all of Gascon's Buildings.
Unlock all of Raynard's Buildings.
End a round with a score of over 300.
Defeat Gernichora.
Obtain 10 trinkets.
Find an Easter Egg.
Earn 10,000 or more gold.
Use Meve to trigger allies' Loyal abilities 100 times.
Kill 9 enemies simultaneously.
Win a non-Puzzle Battle with less than 10 damage taken in total.
Kill the Manticore.
Defeat Kelltulis the dragon.
Defeat Eldain.
Pray at 10 Shrines.
Collect 15 Treasure Maps.
Gather 5,000 wood throughout the game.
Recruit 200 Soldiers.