The Walker Trophy List

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Kill [30] enemies
Kill [5] enemies with headshots
Complete all stages on the First Difficulty
Complete all stages on the Second Difficulty
Receive a flying attack from a ghoul
Shoot armored soldiers in the foot to make them stumble
Make [30] helmets fly off with Sword attacks
Kill [15] enemies with Sword attacks to the head
Kill [5] enemies in [10s] using the Ice Talisman
Defeat the Yin Prisoner Boss in [20s] in Legend mode
Clear any stage in without taking damage
Avoid taking damage from oil barrels in the Urban Ruin stage
Clear the Urban Ruin stage by dodging every Yin Prisoner attack on any difficulty
Complete all stages on the Third Difficulty
Receive "Godlike" score for all stages in the Second Difficulty
Kill [300] enemies with headshots
Kill 200 enemies using the Ice Talisman
Receive "Godlike" score for all stages in the Third Difficulty