The Quiet Man Trophy List

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Trigger Focus Mode for the first time. "Listen, listen to the quiet voice of your heart"
Perform a Close Shave Counter Attack for the first time. "The trouble with you, is the trouble with me"
Perform a Beatdown for the first time. "You know far too much regret hangs off your head"
Perform a Special Environment Finisher for the first time. "This calls for drastic measures When you’re so far away from pleasure"
Complete the game without being hit during gameplay. "The time it takes to make the break to win at life, again"
Perform 10 different Focus Finishers. "Can somebody mediate? Coz your love comes across as hate These pieces just don’t add up"
Complete Chapter 1. "Oh, what to say When the right words, fail to find the light of day"
Complete Chapter 2. "Stargazer, Storm chaser, bought for dust, sold for gold But will the true cost ever be known?"
Complete Chapter 3. "Oh, when everything is lost and mixed feelings seed a hurricane of hearts"
Complete Chapter 4. "Can I even begin, to comprehend what you must have been through You’re still tunneling dirt, to escape the hurt"
Complete Chapter 5. "To lift a smile, do we have to raise the dead?"
Complete The Quiet Man. "Oh silent world, rest assured that love lies beyond words"