The Price is Right: Decades Trophy List

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Win all the other trophies.
Win a Contestant's row for the first time (Single player).
Unlock your 1st tape.
Unlock 5 tapes.
Unlock 15 tapes.
Unlock 30 tapes.
Unlock all the tapes.
Win every showcases of every shows.
Play a show online (any game mode).
Plinko 1998 : Win $30,000 or more in one Plinko game online (any game mode).
Hurdles : Win 3 Hurdles games online (any game mode).
Finish 1st on 10 multiplayer games online (any game mode).
Play 5 Contestant's Row online (any game mode).
Finish 1st on five 4-players multiplayer games online (any game mode).
Play 30 games online (any game mode).
Host 10 games online (any game mode).
Make 3 exact bids on Contestant's row (Any game mode).
SECRET - Win $10,000 cumulative in Race Game (Single player)
SECRET - Professor Price : Answer correctly 3 questions in a row in one game. (Single)
SECRET - Punch A Bunch : Win $50,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - Super Ball : Win $60,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - Check Out : Win the game with a difference of $0.05 or less (1982 or 1996) (Single)
SECRET - Golden road 1984 : Win $50,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - Golden road 2005: Win $200,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - Walk Of Fame : win $20,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - Hole in One : win $40,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - Pathfinder : win a Pathfinder game without making any mistake (Single)
SECRET - Cliff Hangers : win with the cliffhanger standing on the 25th step of the mountain. That was close! (Any Cliff Hangers) (Single)
SECRET - It's in the bag : Win $40,000 (cumulative) (Single)
SECRET - 3 Strikes 2009 : Win a game without drawing an X (Single)
SECRET - 3 strikes 1999 : win a game without misplacing any number (Single)
SECRET - Cover Up : win by placing all the right numbers in your first try (Single)
SECRET - Bonkers : Win a game on your first try! (Single)
SECRET - Magic Number : win $10,000 (cumulative) (Any Magic Number) (Single)
Showcase Showdown : Win by landing twice on 100 on your first spin and on your bonus spin.
Play a local multiplayer game.
The host player must finish 1st on a 4 players local multiplayer game.
Play 10 Local multiplayer games.
The host player wins a Double Money Showcase in a local multiplayer game.
Plinko 1983 : The host player wins $15 000 or more in a Plinko game (Local multiplayer).
Watch a bonus video.
Watch all bonus videos.
Play 50 pricing games in 70's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).
Play 60 pricing games in 80's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).
Play 60 pricing games in 90's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).
Play 70 pricing games in 00's Decade (Single Player) (Show or Pricing game).