The Long Dark Trophy List

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Whatever the future brings, you will be ready.
Survive 1 day in a single Survival Mode game.
Survive 10 days in a single Survival Mode game.
Survive 50 days in a single Survival Mode game.
Survive 100 days in a single Survival Mode game.
Survive 500 days in a single Survival Mode game.
Visit every interior location in both Mystery Lake and Coastal Highway (single game).
Harvest 10 Complete Deer Carcasses (single game).
Survive an entire Night outside (single game).
Survive 3 consecutive Nights outside (single game).
Survive the first 50 days without firing any firearms (single game).
Survive the first 25 days without killing anything (single game).
Sleep in a Bearskin Bedroll while wearing a Wolfskin Coat, Deerskin Boots, and Rabbitskin Mittens.
Catch a fish weighing over 5kg (11 lbs).
Survive 25 consecutive full days only consuming calories harvested from wild plants and animals (single game).
Heal yourself using all types of natural medicines (single game).
Harvest 25 of each kind of plant (single game).
Stun a rabbit with a rock from over 25 meters (80 feet) away.
Get all skills to level 5 in a single Survival Mode game.
Survive one day on Interloper difficulty.
Keep calorie store above zero for 10 days.
Map all named locations in Survival Mode.
Fill all clothing slots with 100% condition gear.
Complete all Research books.
Climb to the top of Timberwolf Mountain.
Craft a full set of improvised Tools.
Keep a campfire burning for 3 days.
Escape the ravine after your crash.
Make your way to Milton.
Prepare Grey Mother for Winter.
Complete Lily's Story.
Leave Milton. Complete Episode One.
Bring Jeremiah back from near death.
Survive the first Aurora event.
Complete Jeremiah's Survival School.
Kill the Old Bear.
Leave Mystery Lake. Complete Episode Two.
Open all Safety Deposit boxes in Milton.
Find all Forest Talker caches.
Find all hidden caches in Episode One and Episode Two.
Complete every Challenge.