The Little Acre Trophy List

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Unlock all the Trophies in The Little Acre
Got the generator working
Found Arthur
Let Dougal take the blame
Ok, we get it
Only placed the orb once
Overcome hurdles at the dam
Attacked the swamp monster in less than 5 seconds
Travelled to Clonfira as Lily
Make breakfast
Made a new friend
Ask for a solution
Didn't ask for any solutions
Helped Merr fix a machine and return home
Took out the informant
Tried to lose the cavity magnetron
Saved Aidan
Gave Merr what he wanted… sort of
Where did you get that pattern?
Didn't ask for any hints
Distracted Dougal once only
Beat the game in less than 1 hour
Complete The Little Acre
Travelled to Clonfira as Aidan
Get dressed without waking Lily
Solved the dance puzzle on your 1st try
Apparently you’re ready for this jelly