The Jackbox Party Pack 5 Trophy List

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Play a game with 5 or more players
Get max points on a Jack Attack, including speed bonuses
Screw 7 other players and the audience
Less than 10% of the audience gets a question right. (In an audience of at least 5.)
Get a successful final round prediction
Write a scenario that gets all nos
Write a scenario that causes a dead even split
Lose a game to the audience
Make a million dollars in one game
Fill the cheer meter all the way up
Beat Gene in an odd player game
Destroy the Jackbox Games building
Survive a Gauntlet
Survive a Gauntlet Series
Kill your first enemy
Rescue a floating teammate
Lose a game to Gene
Your invention gets all the big chips
Fund three successful inventions in one round
Receive no funding in an eight player game