The Forest Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies
Sleep with another player (group sleep)
In a Single Player game, kill a bunny
Make and wear stealth armour
Share a food or drink item in MP
In a Single Player game, kill a bird with an arrow
Sleep on yacht
Use the compass
Plant all 3 seed types
In a Single Player game, destroy 6 or more trees with 1 explosive
Catch a fish with a spear
Build a gazebo in a Single Player game
Chop up 50 bodies
Revive 10 co-op players
Share a weapon in MP
Finish Game
Craft 10 medicine items
Buy a soda and candy from vending machine
Drink from coffee machine
In a Single Player game, repair a hunting shelter
Collect all cassette tapes!
Eat an entire family
Be in a game when 6 or more fish are killed with a stick of dynamite
Place a blueprint for a super long wall
In a Single Player game, set off the sprinklers
Killed downed enemy with rock
Cut down 1000 trees
Collect all robot pieces
Kill shark in Single Player
Eat all mushroom types
Drink water from cooler that has the lawyer head in it
Survive 100 days without finding your son
Pass 50,000 steps
Play through entire game without killing or eating animals
Craft all items
Explore all caves
Kill all animal types and display heads
Find all missing passengers