The Dwarves Trophy List

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You did it!
You have won the battle, but lost the war
You got away from your encounter with the woodcutters without a scratch
Your silvertongue has procured a cozy bed in Goodwater for you
Boïndil and Boëndal have joined you
You have saved a village from an orc army
You have managed the impossible and saved three villages from the orcs
You have discovered the secret fortress of the Thirdlings in Blacksaddle
You have bargained skilfully and receive more money from the smith
Thanks to your skill the smith has doubled his offer
You have avenged the trader Mort
You have survived Nôd'onns ambush at the vaults
You have reached Ogre's Death fortress
You have answered all three questions after your speech perfectly
You've survived the underground railroad and reached Weyurn
Giralda has joined your group
You have put mercy before justice
You have awoken the Blind Guardian and celebrated a feast in Wackenstein
You have vanquished the biggest enemy camp
You have reached the fortress of the Firstlings
You have saved a dwarf from the experiments of the Älfar
You have killed Giralda and maybe averted great disaster
You let Giralda escape and maybe saved the world that way
You have entered king Giselbeards legendary halls in the Gray Range
You have forged Keenfire and given hope to the world
You have defeated Sinthoras and Bislipur
You have killed the demon that possessed Nôd'onn with Keenfire
You have spent 200 days on your great journey
You have won a battle without one of your heroes being hurt
You have upleveled a character to level 10
You have killed 1000 enemies in battle

Challenges DLC

You've won three stars in a horde mode battle.
You've won three stars in a chase.
You've won three stars in a time challenge.