The Council Trophy List

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Collect all the trophies
Become a detective
Become an occultist
Become a diplomat
Be disfigured by Gerard von Borchert
Get rid of von Borchert with your mother
Choose to stay with George Washington and Emily Hillsborrow
Choose to follow sir Gregory and Cardinal Piaggi
Assist George Washington
Conduct the investigation about your vision
Accept to follow Elizabeth Adams
Join Emily Hillsborrow in your room
In the same game, choose 20 answers before the time is up
Complete a quest without using consumables
Drop to 0 effort points during a quest
Use exactly a consumable of each type during a quest
Persuade Cardinal Piaggi to give you the letter
Avoid being used as a punchbag by Jacques Péru
Convince Emily Hillsborrow of the purity of your intentions when she surprises you in her room
Manage to get Elizabeth Adams to talk about her past
Persuade Napoleon that he can trust you
Draw Emily Hillsborrow's secret out of her
Complete the first quest
Complete the second quest
Complete the third quest
Complete episode 1
Raise a skill to level 3
Acquire ten skills of level 1 in the same game
Reach level 5
Reach level 15
Open Pandora's box
Overcome 5 confrontations in the same game
Complete the fifth quest
Complete the sixth quest
Complete episode 2
Complete the eighth quest
Complete the ninth quest
Complete episode 3
Complete the eleventh quest
Complete the twelth quest
Complete episode 4
Complete the fourteenth quest
Complete the fifteenth quest
Complete the story