The American Dream Trophy List

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Thanks for playing! Love, Samurai Punk <3
(Chapter 1) Begin your journey into The American Dream
(Chapter 3) Shoot the down the ducks with 100% accuracy
(Chapter 4) Catch the fast ball with your face
(Chapter 5) Change your mind about which one of the twins you like
(Chapter 6) Shoot down 5 pins from the back row in the shooting game
(Chapter 7) Earn at least $5.00
(Chapter 8) Out-dance Rex George
(Chapter 9) Defeat the hose without getting hit by any bolts
(Chapter 10) Eat at least 4 maggots from the cheese
(Chapter 11) Learn how babies are made
(Chapter 12) Hit yourself in the head with toilet paper
(Chapter 13) Listen to all of Rex's objection before shooting him
(Chapter 14) Complete the stage without letting a single rat dough through
(Chapter 15) Shoot 15 beer cans into the trash can
(Chapter 16) Ensure all daisies survive til the end of the stage
(Chapter 17) Eat the entire stack of waffles
(Chapter 18) Keep checking records even after given the option to Give Up
(Chapter 19) Shoot a fish in mid-air
(Chapter 20) Complete the stage without a single civilian casualty
(Chapter 21) Blow up 20 cars
(Chapter 22) Witness the dawn of the Second American Revolution
Reach the Intermission
Experienced the fake ending
Experienced the true ending
Eat 30 pieces of food
Shoot 1000 bullets
Pump the shotgun 10 times without shooting
Manually eject and reload your gun 100 times
Shoot 1 hidden star
Shoot half the hidden stars
Shoot all 48 hidden stars