That's You! Trophy List

Know-All Know-All
Obtain all trophies
Two's Company Two's Company
Complete a Two-player game
Three's a Crowd Three's a Crowd
Complete a Three-player game
All 4 One All 4 One
Complete a Four-player game
High Five High Five
Complete a Five-player game
Full House Full House
Complete a Six-player game
Impressionist Impressionist
Take a profile photo with a distortion effect applied
Doodling Doodling
Play a game that uses a drawing that you made
Authority Authority
Play a game that uses a question that you made
Prolific Creators Prolific Creators
Play a Six-player game that uses six drawings or questions that you made
Anarchy Anarchy
Get an ‘Anarchy’ result in a Three to Six-player game
Well-Travelled Well-Travelled
Play through all ten areas of the game
Novice Novice
Play five games
Master Master
Play fifteen games
Veteran Veteran
Play thirty games
Broad Knowledge Broad Knowledge
Get a full consensus in every game mode
Color-full Color-full
Use every drawing color at least once in single game
Maximum Return Maximum Return
Play a Joker on a full consensus
Planning Ahead Planning Ahead
End a game with no Jokers
Artist Artist
Get a full consensus on the same player’s drawing in both the Drawing Game and the Photo Game
Bestseller Bestseller
Get a full consensus on a Word Game question
Friends Without Borders Friends Without Borders
Play an online game of That's You!
Peas In A Pod Peas In A Pod
Get a high score in a Two-player game
Joker Full House Joker Full House
Everyone play a Joker on a full consensus in a Three to Six-player game
Unique Profile Unique Profile
Use all of the profile card backgrounds
Good Start Good Start
Achieve a full consensus with the first question of the game
Close Call Close Call
Finish a Three to Six-player game with all players' scores within 400 points of each other
Baby Carrot Baby Carrot
Play a Joker on your drawing when no-one else votes for it