Tharsis Trophy List

Ethical Threshold Ethical Threshold
Reach Mars without cannibalizing.
Work Ethic Work Ethic
Perform 2800 repairs.
Safe Passage Safe Passage
Reach Mars with 3 or more crew alive.
All Present And Accounted For All Present And Accounted For
Get all crew classes to Mars.
Contact Light Contact Light
Make it to Mars.
To Serve Mankind To Serve Mankind
Eat 120 human meals.
I'm Hit, But Not Bad I'm Hit, But Not Bad
Survive a turn with 9 or more incoming damage
Locally Grown Locally Grown
Harvest 20 food.
Risk Management Professional Risk Management Professional
Take no hull damage for 4 turns.
Solitary Confinement Solitary Confinement
Survive 3 turns with only one crew member.
10.75 AU 10.75 AU
Travel 1 billion miles.