Tethered Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Complete the Tutorial Level
Complete Level 5
Complete Level 9
Complete Level 13
Bring harmony to all islands
Build a Moot Hall
Build a Barracks
Build a Workshop
Build a Temple
Sacrifice 10 Martyrs across any levels
Have seven Heroes active on one level
Upgrade a Building
Upgrade a Resource
Kill 100 critters
Have only a single injured hero peep left alive at the end of a level
Build at least one of each building and upgrade across any number of levels
Rate A in all categories on a level
Rate A in all categories across all levels
Have at least one of each craftsmen during the course of a level
Survive five nights on a level
Use each type of weather at least once
Fill your Tavern during the night
Hatch 100 eggs across any number of levels
Kill 20 critters with a Watchtower
Earn 500 Spirit Energy from Sacred Altars across any number of Levels
Unleash a Frankenpeep and use it to kill 5 critters
Burn a Holy Beacon for an entire night
Have five peeps with clogs on during a level
Kill ten critters with grenades
Store a Rainbow in a Cloudbuster
Upgrade a hero with clogs, armour and sharp tools