TerraTech Trophy List

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Congratulations! You have earned all the trophies in TerraTech!
Defeat Big Tony (Campaign only)
Defeat an enemy Tech from more than 100m away (Campaign only)
Reach a land speed of over 200 mph for at least 5 seconds (Campaign only)
Reattach 10 blocks that have recently fallen off your Tech due to enemy fire (Campaign only)
Lift an enemy off the ground with a digger scoop (Campaign only)
Build a Tech that contains 50 different types of block (Campaign only)
Achieve unpowered flight for 500m (Campaign only)
Defeat an enemy Tech that is worth at least 20,000 BB more than your Tech (Campaign only)
Discover a mysterious alien biome (Campaign only)
Defeat the Trader Troll in under 15 minutes played (Campaign only)
Finish a Gauntlet track without touching the ground. No hover pads allowed! (Gauntlet only)
Craft all Payload Terminals (GSO, GeoCorp, Venture and Hawkeye) in one playthrough (Campaign only)
Acquire all Corporation Licenses in one playthrough (Campaign only)
Max out all Corporation Licenses in one playthrough (Campaign only)
Have at least 1,000,000 Block Bucks in your possession (Campaign only)