Tekken Hybrid Trophy List

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Master of all.
Achieve a Strike in Tekken Bowl.
Perform a tag change between Kazuya and Devil.
Clear Arcade on Normal or higher difficulty.
K.O. an onlooker in Tekken Bowl.
Perform 25 Attack Reversals.
Defeat 5 teams in Team Battle.
Achieve 10 consecutive wins in Survival.
Clear Time Attack in under 09'00"00.
Successfully escape 5 throws.
Perform 10 Sliding Dashes.
Perform 10 Running Cross Chops.
Perform 20 Tag Combos.
Achieve 10 perfect victories.
Win a match with less than 5% health.
Damage opponent with P. Jack's Giant Foot Stomp while tagging in.
Perform 10 Low Parries.
Deal 10,000 total damage in Practice.
Perform 10 Running Stomp attacks.
Escape Mounted Punches 5 times.
Change Unknown's moveset 5 times in one match.
Perform 30 Ukemi techniques.
Clear Arcade on Normal or harder difficulty without using a single continue.
Win a round with Yoshimitsu's Suicide technique.
Win 10 rounds without tagging.
Perform 5 back throws.
Achieve 3 consecutive strikes in Tekken Bowl.
Achieve 30 perfect victories.
Deal more than 60 damage with a single combo in Practice.
Perform a Special Tag Throw.
Win an 8 character Team Battle match on Hard or higher difficulty.
Clear Arcade on the hardest difficulty.
Successfully reverse an Attack Reversal.
Clear Time Attack in under 06'00"00.
Achieve a score of 200 or more in Tekken Bowl.
Achieve 10 consecutive wins in VS Battle with Tetsujin on your team.