Tales From Space: About A Blob Trophy List

First Things First First Things First
Complete a single level
Blobs Unite! Blobs Unite!
Finish a level in co-op mode
In the Beginning, There was Blob In the Beginning, There was Blob
Finish Part 1 of the game
Chompbot? More Like Chumpbot! Chompbot? More Like Chumpbot!
Finish Part 2 of the game
Here Today, Blob Tomorrow Here Today, Blob Tomorrow
Finish Part 3 of the game
A Taste of Gold A Taste of Gold
Earn a gold cup in any level
Friendly Neighborhood Blob Friendly Neighborhood Blob
Rescue 15 Blob Friends
Blob Friends Forever Blob Friends Forever
Collect all Blob Friends in the game
Silver Blob Silver Blob
Earn a silver cup or better in every level
Golden Blob Golden Blob
Earn a gold cup or better in every level
Speed Demon Speed Demon
Earn a checkered flag in every level
Platinum Blob Platinum Blob
Earn a platinum cup in every level