SwapQuest Trophy List

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You found everything there is in SwapQuest!
Defeat Ghargon, the evil bug!
Beat Xerberus, the three-headed hound!
Defeat Ulthros, the giant kraken!
Something's lurking in the dark.
King of the Slimes!
Defeat 50 Enemies.
Defeat 100 enemies.
Defeat 200 Enemies.
Swap 500 Tiles.
Swap 1.000 Tiles.
Swap 2.500 Tiles.
Collect 1.000 Jewels.
Collect 5.000 Jewels.
Collect 15.000 Jewels.
Defeat a midboss.
Collect 999 Jewels in one level.
Reach your first class change.
Reach your second class change.
Find all the hidden jewels.
Watch the credits.
Finish every challenge level.
Use an active ability.
Use an active ability 10 times.
Use an active ability 50 times.
Master an ability.
Master a weapon.
Master an armor.
Reach level 25.
Find the hidden challenge level.
Find the hidden boss.