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Achieved all trophies
Produced new character
Complete tutorial
Move to the first stage using the portal
Opened the skeleton chest for the first time
Opened 5 skeleton chest
Opened 10 skeleton chest
Bought from the merchant for the first time
Traded with the merchant 3 times
Traded with the merchant for 5 times
Destroyed the tower for the first time
Destroyed 5 towers
Destroyed 10 towers
Killed 10 monsters
Killed 30 monsters
Killed 50 monsters
Obtained 3 types of equipment
Succeeded attacking 10 times with sword
Succeeded attacking 10 times with mace
Succeeded attacking 10 times with spear
Used the health recovery item 5 times
Used the stamina recovery item 5 times
Used the speed enforcement potion 5 times
Dig a grave of the dead Mr.Cube
Penetrate through 3 stages
Penetrate through 5 stages
Penetrate through 10 stages
Kill the Elite Monster
Kill the boss
Obtain 10 gold
Obtain 25 gold
Obtain 50 gold
Die 5 times
Find 1 hidden gold chest
Find 3 hidden gold chest
Find 5 hidden gold chest
Killed the first competing CUBE
Killed 3 competing CUBE