Super Skull Smash GO! 2 Turbo Trophy List

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Get all trophies in the Kingdom of Bones.
Install a new regime.
Long live the new king.
Find the golden fish, sponsored by Rob.
Satisfy Dan's hunger for pickles.
Put a sock on a zombie.
Appease Barry by finding his coin.
Make a zombie fall in a pit.
Consult the book of armaments.
Make yourself a trendy and delicious drink/meal.
Bounce on a ghost 100 times.
Squish 100 vampires.
Bash 100 zombies.
Jump on 100 skeletons.
Smash 100 skulls.
Complete all the puzzle levels.
Collect all the gems.
Smash every skull.
Collect every coin in the kingdom.
Defeat the robot skeleton GAMMA.
Defeat the robot skeleton BETA.
Defeat the robot skeleton ALPHA.
Defeat Evil King again.
Defeat Evil King.