Super Hyperactive Ninja Trophy List

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Complete all the trophies
Try to perform a fighting game special attack
Clear all levels with an S-rank
Clear a level without stopping once after entering Hyperactive Mode
Clear a level without picking a single coffee
Find a map to a new place during a level
Use a Take Away Coffee and complete the level
Use a Mizugumo to walk on water
Use Yuki Onna Breath to freeze an enemy
Use a Ninja Cloak to avoid an enemy
Use a Katana to kill an enemy
Use a Ninja Suction Cup to climb a wall
Clear a level with Ghosts without dying once
Get killed by a Ghost
Get killed by a Ninja Dog
Get killed by a Mokujin (Seriously?)
Unlock Yaiba
Unlock Aragami
Unlock Jack
Hit a Shuriken with the Katana and kill a foe
Clear a level with an S-Rank
Get more than 100000 yen
Take a step
Enter into Hyperactive Mode