Streets of Red: Devil's Dare Deluxe Trophy List

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Collect all trophies
Kill 250 Monsters
Kill 500 Monsters
Kill 750 Monsters
Kill 1000 Monsters
Perform 250 Fatalities
Perform 500 Fatalities
Perform 100 Massarces
Perform 200 Massarces
Complete "The Sewer"
Complete "The TV Station"
Complete "The Elevator (Sewer)"
Complete "The Big Apple"
Complete "The Ghost Train"
Complete "The Train Station"
Complete "The Woods Cabin"
Complete "The Dungeon"
Complete "The Hallway"
Complete "The Elevator (Hallway)"
Complete "The Dark Hall"
Complete "The Boss Office"
Complete "The Road"
Complete "The School Bus"
Complete "Moses Island"
Complete "The Laboratory"
Complete "To the Moon"
Complete "The Floating Island"
Complete Classic or Expert Mode with Bad Ending
Complete Classic or Expert Mode with Good Ending
Obtain 10,000 Cash
Reach and Survive Night 10
Game Over Permanently in Classic or Expert Mode 10 times
Purchase 4 Pendants
Fatality Kill Each Kind Of Elite Monster
Complete Classic or Expert Mode with good ending without purchasing any upgrades
Complete Expert Mode with 4 bets
Complete Expert Mode with good ending and 4 biggest bets