Strange Brigade Trophy List

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I Say!? You've only gone and collected all the other trophies!? Superbly done Strange Brigade!
Collect all the Cat Idols
Collect all the Canopic Jars
Complete the Main Relic Collection
Complete the Main Diary Collection
Travel for a little over 24 miles
Unlock all the weapons
Unlock/Find every kind of Amulet and Gem
Chain 3 Amulet Attacks in a row
Banish Ammit and defeat Seteki without delivering the Coup de Grace
Shoot Seteki from Ammit's Jaws
Kill 501 Enemies
Flatten 100 enemies with a melee attack
Collect 10000 Gold from Chests
Die 50 times
Drink 6 health potions within a level without dying or restarting
Exit a Sarcophagus 5 times without restarting
Kill 100 skeletons
Spend a total of 20 minutes at the low health level
Complete a level with each of the first four Brigade members
Solve every kind of puzzle door across the game
Kill 3 enemies with a single shot
Melee kill 5 enemies in 30 seconds
Kill 20 enemies while on low health
Destroy a Soul Cage
Open the Sarcophagus Room in Harbin's Dig Site
Defeat The Champion in Hidden Valley
Complete the Beam Puzzle in Tunnels of Wadjet
Defeat the Guardian in The Towering Temple
Solve the Maze and open the door in Cutthroat Caverns
Kill the Hammer Champion in Cursed Village
Open the Hidden Relic Room in Forsaken City
Activate the Death Ray in the Great Pyramid level
Complete the First Round in Horde
Get to Horde Wave 4 without taking any damage
Open a Gold Door in Horde
Rescue a teammate from a sarcophagus 10 times
Collect double the Gold of each of your teammates
Kill a teammate with any kind of trap