Statik Trophy List

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You solved the first puzzle. Pride is not the word.
You've seen this one before haven't you. Come on, be honest!
You signed the contract. Now there's a paper trail at least.
You won the battle against a simple piece of technology.
You found the hidden depths in 4 lines of meaningless verse
You took an out-of-body experience, and spent it in a toy car
You learned the true value of CCTV voyeurism
You picked up on all sorts of signals and exploited them
You built a cube
You have been retained. Did it make you feel?
You are unbearably positive
You humiliated a machine in record time. Well done.
What did you think you'd achieve calling for help? Help?
You liked the trophy. We thought you might like to keep it.
You elevated yourself above the filth and took us literally. Bravo!
You found a new way out. Aunt Emily would be proud.