Starlink: Battle for Atlas Trophy List

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Earn all Trophies
Enter space from a planet for the first time
Discover your first new planet outside the Trade Sector
Equip your first mod
Destroy A Prime
Destroy a Dreadnought
Extend Starlink's range to bring the fight to Grax
Defeat Grax
Build a Starlink Tower on every planet
Loot 10 derelict ships in space
Neutralize 5 Outlaw Hideouts in Space
Use Fusion to craft a higher-level mod
Acquire a Legendary Mod
Find a Warden Relic
Equip 8 ship & weapon mods on a ship build, using Rare, Epic, or Legendary mods
Fill your ship with Epic or Legendary Mods
Discover all the planets in Atlas
Map every part of a planet
Record every Discovery on a planet
Discover 5 Animal Species
Discover every animal species in Atlas
Defeat 10 targets by shooting at their weak spots using Precision weapons like Shredder
Time Active Shield perfectly to reflect an attack 10 times
Defeat an Extractor or Prime with your shields down
Shatter 5 Frozen targets
Thermal Shock 10 targets
Hit 5 targets with a single Stasis blast combo
Trap 3 targets in a single Gravity Vortex
Use Cold to defeat a Fire Giant
Use Heat to defeat an Ice Giant
In COOP, repair your partner after they get shot down
In COOP, defeat a Prime together
Build your first Expedition workshop
Ally with all 5 Outpost types
Gain 100% alliance on a planet
Get at least 25% alliance on every planet
Earn 3 skill points from mastering ships
Earn 6 Pilot Skill points from mastering weapons
Invest in a pilot's Mentor skill, to make your whole crew stronger
Spend 14 Skill Points on a single pilot
Build 8 Equinox Upgrades
Upgrade two sections of the Equinox to their maximum level