Star Wars: Racer Revenge Trophy List

The First of Many The First of Many
Win your first tournament race.
Most Deadly Most Deadly
Achieve 7 KO's in one 3-lap race.
First Around the Track First Around the Track
Earn the Best Lap time for any 3-lap race.
Record Breaker Record Breaker
Earn the Best Race time for any 3-lap race.
Watto's Wares Watto's Wares
Upgrade any pod attribute to MAX.
Bantha Poodoo Bantha Poodoo
KO a human opponent in Versus mode.
Rookie Racer Rookie Racer
Take first place in the Galactic Trials.
Stellar Superstar Stellar Superstar
Take first place in the Podracer Open.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Sith Lord Sith Lord
Unlock Darth Maul.
Galactic Greatness Galactic Greatness
Take first place in the Hutt Championships.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Podracing Prodigy Podracing Prodigy
Unlock Young Anakin.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Pod Father Pod Father
Unlock Darth Vader.
The Best Around The Best Around
Take first place in every tournament race with any one character.