Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Trophy List

Target Acquired Target Acquired
Mark and claim your first bounty.
Dead or Alive, Meeko Dead or Alive, Meeko
Complete Chapter 1.
Lowlifes in High Places Lowlifes in High Places
Complete Chapter 2.
The Asteroid Prison The Asteroid Prison
Complete Chapter 3.
A Tense Partnership A Tense Partnership
Complete Chapter 4.
A Favor for a Hutt A Favor for a Hutt
Complete Chapter 5.
No Civilian Casualties No Civilian Casualties
Kill 150 enemies in one level without killing any non-enemies.
Body Count: 1,000 Body Count: 1,000
Kill 1,000 total enemies.
All My Own Work All My Own Work
Kill an enemy with a manually guided missile.
Going After Vosa Going After Vosa
Complete Chapter 6.
Body Count: 1,500 Body Count: 1,500
Kill 1,500 total enemies.
Hidden TrophyHidden Trophy
Secrets of the Galaxy Secrets of the Galaxy
Find all 18 secrets.
Non-Lethal Force Non-Lethal Force
Capture every Secondary Bounty.