Splody Trophy List

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Obtain all other trophies
Kill yourself, everyone does it
Kill someone in a tunnel
Kill someone materializing on a teleporter
Die while taunting
Try to do something you really shouldn't be allowed to do
Trap another player, then join them
As a ghost, kill the one who killed you
Win a round without placing a bomb
Lose a ranked round against someone with a lower rating
Suffer from 4 different viri simultaneously
Draw by complete level closure
Escape from being trapped by kick or dashing strike
Fall for an obvious trap
End a round faced with certain death
...so I put a mount on your mount so you can ride while you ride
Place 10 bombs in 2 seconds
Win a ranked round against someone with a higher rating
Play 20 rounds in a row without killing yourself
Escape from being trapped through a destructible block
Win a local round against 30 or more hard bots at once
Play 20 rounds
Play 100 rounds
Win 50 times
Accumulate 10 kills
Accumulate 50 kills
Die 20 times
Die 100 times
Kill yourself 10 times - it's okay, you're still learning
Kill yourself 50 times - this has got to stop!
Taunt 5 times
Taunt 20 times
Taunt near an active bomb, and live!
Taunt near an active bomb and live 20 times