Socketeer Trophy List

How To Use
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Unlock all other trophies
Successfully hack one of each type of robot
Spend over 100,000 in shops in total
Defeat a shopkeeper
Successfully hack a shopkeeper
Beat the final boss, Cranium
Destroy the true boss, Deep Brain
Reach the Factory
Reach the Lab
Reach the Mainframe
Reach Hyperspace
See every level in the game
Successfully return to the level after being blasted into space
Use the Recycler for the first time
Successfully hack 100 robots
Don't pay for an item from the shop
Equip every item in the game
EMP at least five robots with one blast
Gain three rewards from the Recycler in one level
Exit the level in a crate without being seen and using no EMP or bombs
Play through the game and defeat Cranium in under ten minutes
Finish a level without without being spotted or interacting with any robots using no EMPs or bombs.
Complete the game without taking any damage
Complete the game without collecting any salvaged parts
Complete a level without picking up and using a key
Complete the game without picking up and using any equipment
Destroy 500 robots
Water all plants in the Biosphere