Smash 'N' Survive Trophy List

Smash Master Smash Master
Complete the campaign mode
Survivor Survivor
Win 'Respect' mission
Struggler Struggler
Barely survive the 'Respect' Mission
Bodyguard Bodyguard
Successfully escort an ally to safety
Hunter Hunter
Successfully chase and destroy an escaping enemy
No More A Rookie No More A Rookie
Complete the trail mission to Join the Necromancers
Smasher Smasher
Get your First Kill
Window Shopper Window Shopper
Entered shop for the first time.
Bomberman Bomberman
Successfully plant and explode a bomb in Campaign Mode.
Last Ditch Attempt Last Ditch Attempt
Successfully diffuse a planted bomb in Campaign Mode.
Guard Guard
Successfully defend your base against an enemy attempt to plant and explode a bomb in Campaign Mode.
Stunt Man Stunt Man
Do a successful jump from one ship to another
Team Man Team Man
After winning a team derby match
Backstabber Backstabber
Kill an ally by mistake or on purpose