Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies for Sly Cooper's final outing. . . final? Really?
Complete Prologue
Get close to Carmelita
Use a Sly disguise in Venice
Meet the Guru
Dump off the truckload of scorpions
Slow down Dr. M as Bentley and Murray
Complete the canal boat chase in Venice
Defeat mask-powered Carmelita
Ask Penelope for help
Finish the bar room brawl
Stop the vampires
Complete Dynamic Duo
Purchase the Alarm Clock
Collect Dimitri's diving gear
Collect 500 coins
Obtain the Paraglider
Carmelita to the rescue again
Purchase Shadow Power 2
Destroy pumps
Defeat Octavio
Defeat Black Baron
Defeat Muggshot
Defeat Chinese Dragon
Defeat LeFwee
Defeat Crusher
Defeat Dr. M
Collect 1,000 coins
Complete 75% of the game
Complete 50% of the game
Purchase Sly Spin Attack 3
Purchase Sly Jump Attack 3
Collect 2,500 coins
Purchase Diablo Fire Slam
Purchase Hover Pack
Complete 100% of the game