Skylight Freerange Trophy List

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Obtain all trophies for Skylight Freerange
Complete "The Briefing"
Complete "My Ally, My King"
Complete "Chasing Ghosts"
Complete "Nothing Did Come Of It" or "Inside Man"
Complete a main questline of Skylight Freerange
Complete a main questline of Skylight Freerange on Impossible Difficulty
Complete a city side quest in Manitoba
Complete an ultimate side quest in Manitoba
Complete "Another Prairie"
Complete "Pride In The Future"
Complete "Terra Deus"
Complete "Repentance"
Obtain 5 Lithographs
Complete "Terrible Destruction"
Complete "Whom Nihilists Worship"
Complete "Should Have Stayed Buried"
Complete "Prairie Proving"
Complete "Golden Opportunity"
Clear a world map dungeon
Clear 5 world map dungeons
Clear 15 world map dungeons
Contact one of your allies socially
Make friends with one of your allies
Enter a relationship with one of your allies
Participate in 5 big social events with your allies
Listen to 70 NPCs talk to you or amongst themselves
Use Brute Force to reduce 50 attacks to 0 damage
Land 10 attacks that deal over 1,000,000 damage or more
Land 200 attacks while HP is at 25% or less of its maximum for any character
Heal 10,000 HP total through abilities
Have Drones perform 500 actions
Have Golems take 200 hits for your party
Hit with 500 melee attacks
Hit 500 times with ranged weapons and/or traps
Have an enemy defeat one of their allies
Defeat 50 Lifeless before they detonate
Defeat 10 Phantoms by defeating their Manipulator
One-hit KO 50 fire-weak Symbiote Monsters with a Fire elemental attack
Detect 10 Betrayers before they reveal themselves