Shu Trophy List

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Collect all trophies.
Complete a level.
Complete world 1.
Complete world 2.
Complete world 3
Beat one of Goo Shu's top times.
Save your first Babby.
Save all Babbies in one world.
Complete a level without dying.
Complete a world without dying.
Visit all of Bryn's corners.
Don't get struck by lightning.
Leap out of Okoro water at the last second.
Glide for a combined 100 seconds.
Replay any level more than twice.
Collect a mural piece.
Collect all mural pieces.
Set a time on all levels.
Died more than 10 times on the same level.
Take over 8 minutes to finish a level.
Collect 20 butterflies without landing.
Ride the bull without dying.
Avoid the airstream death trap in "Breathless at the Precipice".
Get killed by a time slowed hazard.
Smash through a pane of glass with Lombo in both directions.
Meet all villagers.
Complete world 4.
Save all Babbies
Obtain "No Deaths" badge for all levels.
Obtain gold butterfly tier on any level.
Outrun the storm without dying.
Beat Goo Shu's tower time.
Slow down time and dash past the finish line.
Chain 3 airstreams in a row.
Complete the game.
Obtain all gold butterfly tiers.
Obtain 100% Medal on all levels.

World 6 Trophies DLC

Complete World 6
100% All World 6 Levels