Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Trophy List

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Unlock all trophies.
Visit Takuma in his tower in Ōsaka Castle.
Use Hayato's stone to rescue Mugen in Ōsaka Castle.
Kill 3 guards with the planks hanging from the Yagura Mon.
Find the smiling creature in a little cave on the Nakasendō.
Cause 3 accidents on the Nakasendō road.
Kill a guard with an ox.
Pickpocket someone with Yuki.
Hide in the red wagon in Imai town.
Kill a samurai with an icicle.
Help Takuma escape from Mount Tsuru.
Kill a guard by throwing a rock with Mugen.
Put on Aiko's disguise.
Kill Lord Yabu in his estate.
Kill General Okkoto prematurely in Hida village.
Free Mugen in Suganuma village.
Kill General Okkoto with an explosive barrel.
Free the prisoners in Kanazawa Castle.
End General Okkoto's rebellion.
Shoot Kage-sama with Takuma in Kage-sama's hideout.
Reclaim all your equipment on your second visit to Mount Tsuru.
Lure a guard into Hayato's cell using his stone.
Hide in the wagon on your way up the Myōgi Pass.
Climb the pagoda of the small temple at the Myōgi Pass.
Light the bonfire at the Myōgi Pass.
Take your revenge on Lord Noboru.
Let Lord Noboru commit Seppuku.
Make the ox kick the statue at Sunpu Castle.
Shoot an enemy inside a warzone or a shooting range.
Kill a chicken.
Kill 11 chickens in one level.
Get shot while carrying an explosive barrel.
Run 500 meters with Kuma.
Kill all developers.
Execute a plan with actions for all 5 characters.
Knock out 250 guards or samurai.
Kill 500 guards.
Kill 1000 guards.
Kill 50 samurai.
Hide 250 bodies.
Hide 750 bodies.
Knock out a guard by throwing another guard at them.
Collect all badges.