Severed Trophy List

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Obtain every trophy in the game
Remember what your mother taught you
Sever 10 enemies
Fully upgrade one skill tree
Devour every buff at least once
Breach a Secret Blind Barrier
Breach a Secret Devour Barrier
Sever 4 enemies in one encounter
Sever 50 enemies
Complete a Health Upgrade
Complete a Mana Upgrade
Explore every area to 100% completion
Find every secret
Find your Brother's memento
Find your Father's memento
Find your Mother's memento
Take no damage in a 4 enemy fight
Confront the Stray Arm
Make peace with the Wanderer
Sever 100 enemies
Fully upgrade all of your skills and equipment
Defeat the Crow Golem
Defeat the Cryptolith
Defeat the Dragon
Finish the game after finding all mementos