SEUM: Speedrunners from Hell Trophy List

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You earned all Trophies, incredible.
Finished 100% of the game... or did you?
Hell Yeah! Now you can sleep.
Win 10 peaks.
Get the "Über Skull" time on one level.
Worship the Satan.
Complete one Heliku.
Play Endless mode 66 times.
Return all your beers.
Finish one zone in Speedrun mode.
Speedrun all levels without dying!
Die 666 times.
Perform eight rituals.
Run 666m in the Endless Mode.
Master of all four powers.
Be alive longer than 6 minutes.
Play SEUM more than 66 hours.
Jump 666 times.
Get killed by everything.
Gotta catch 'em all.
Retry 666 times.
Shoot fireball 666 times.
Just keep swimming.
Set ballerina score on one level, and be fabulous.
Perform head-banging.
Perform Butt First on one level.
Finish level in exactly 6.6 seconds.
High pitched story.