Rugby Challenge 3 Trophy List

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Get all Rugby Challenge Trophies
Win the Rugby 15 Competition
Win the Quad Nations Competition
Win the AVIVA Premiership Competition
Win the Elite 12 Competition
Win the French Division 1 Competition
Win the French Division 2 Competition
Win the ITM Cup Competition
Win the Buildcorp National Rugby Championship
Win the World Championship Competition without losing or drawing a match
Win the cup for every tournament in the International Seven-A-Side Series
Win 60% of lineouts in a match that aren't thrown by your team
Score 4 consecutive tries in a match with Jonah Lomu vs England (Secret)
Break through a full back with Jonah Lomu
Maintain over 80% possession in a match
Maintain over 80% territory in a match
The ref calls a yellow or red card against you
Do not concede any penalties in a match
Make a try-scoring run which starts within your own in-goal area
Use the "send runner" strategy to gain more than 5 metres past the ruck
Intercept a pass and score with that player
Successfully steal the ball at a breakdown before the ruck forms
Grubber kick the ball between the goalposts during a match
Score a penalty, conversion or drop goal which bounces in off the goalpost or crossbar
Score a drop goal with a prop or hooker
Score a conversion on pro difficulty
Use a shortened lineout in a Fifteens match
Use a number eight pickup in a Fifteens match
Score a try in a Fifteens match within the first five minutes on the game clock
Score a try in a Sevens match within the first minute on the game clock
Win a match while 2 players have been sent off
Successfully hire a player rated 80 or higher for your club in Coach Career Mode
Complete Coach Career Mode
Create a new pro player
Complete Pro Career Mode
Complete a Fifteens Pro Career Mode while sticking with your starting club
Get promoted to team captain
Become the goal or play kicker for your team
Complete all goals in a single Pro Career match
In Fifteens Pro Career Mode, accept a contract from a team in a lower competition tier
In Fifteens Pro Career Mode, accept a contract from a team in a higher competition tier
In Fifteens Pro Career Mode, get selected and play for international duty
Win 10 matches, each as a different team
Create and save a custom player
Create a custom player with every tattoo slot filled
Share a custom player or team
Download a custom player or team
Rate 100 custom players or teams
Complete an online match
Get gold medals in every tutorial