Rogue Aces Trophy List

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Earn all other trophies
Drop a bomb on an enemy plane
Skid the plane along 80% of the carrier without landing
Destroy 2 enemy aircraft with one rocket
Unlocked all game modes
Freefall in a plane for 5 seconds with no throttle without hitting the ground
Kill 20 parachutists in 20 seconds
Land the plane 10 times without crashing (no auto land)
Defeat Mecha Baron X
Land with 5% fuel or less
Hijack an enemy aircraft during flight
Bounce 3 times on landing
Capture all bases
Perform a carrier landing (no auto land)
Perform a carrier landing using less than a quarter of the deck (no auto land)
Kill 500 infantry with cannons in a single game
Have a score of exactly 1,940 points
Max out one stat (campaign mode)
Max out all stats (campaign mode)
Survive a landing without a plane or a parachute
Kill a plane with an enemy plane
Lose all your planes but don't die
Score 10 points in Survival without firing a single bullet
Use your own empty plane to neutralise an airfield
Destroy your own plane before it hits the ground after ejecting from it
Reached a multiplier of x25 in Survival
Reached a multiplier of x5 in Frontline
Reached a multiplier of x65 in Bomber Defence
Score an infantry kill in Hot Potato mode
Score 50k or more in Rogue Ace mode
Completed 50 missions in a single game
Completed 100 missions in a single game
Started a veteran campaign
Destroy the enemy's HQ