Risk Trophy List

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Conquer 7 or more territories in one turn
Deploy 20 troops in one turn
Eliminate 50 players
Win a game in 10 turns or less
Get promoted to the Major's League
Get promoted to the Colonel's League
Get promoted to the General's League
Win the General's League
Win 3 games in a row
Win a game having lost only 3 or fewer territories
Control a continent by the end of your 1st turn
Attack 100 territories with at least twice as many troops as the defender has
Reach turn 4 without losing a territory
Spend 5 stars in a single purchase of troops
Win a game in which you were last in the player order
Complete a game with at least 2 local human players
Conquer a territory taking no casualties
Attack with 10 or more troops
Reach turn 5 without losing a battle as the attacker
Conquer 100 territories with one defender in