RIGS: Mechanized Combat League Trophy List

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Obtain all Trophies
Be the Champion in League 1
Become an A-list celebrity
Purchase all RIGs
Be the Champion in League 2
Complete every Trials challenge
Win both the tournament and league in same League season
Win a match with every RIG class
Win the Team Takedown tournament
Win the Endzone tournament
Perform a Touchdown Assist in Endzone
Win the PowerSlam tournament
Be the Champion in League 3
Become the Top Gun
Be promoted from Division 10
Be promoted from Division 8
Be promoted from Division 6
Complete the Tutorial
Complete your first online match
Complete your first league match
Be the MVP in a match
Purchase your first RIG
Hire your first paid hire pilot
Complete your first sponsorship
Complete your first Trials challenge
Customize your pilot
Win a Team Takedown match
Perform a defensive takedown in Endzone
Score a goal in PowerSlam
Score a touchdown in Endzone
Win a 1 vs 1 matchmade match
Win a match in every arena
Become a U-list celebrity