Rigs: Mechanized Combat League Trophy List

The Pro The Pro
Obtain all Trophies
We Are the Champions We Are the Champions
Be the Champion in League 1
Superstar Superstar
Become an A-list celebrity
Connoisseur Connoisseur
Purchase all RIGs
Going Up Going Up
Be the Champion in League 2
Exhibitionist Exhibitionist
Complete every Trials challenge
Double Down Double Down
Win both the tournament and league in same League season
All-Rounder All-Rounder
Win a match with every RIG class
Takedown King Takedown King
Win the Team Takedown tournament
Bowl Winner Bowl Winner
Win the Endzone tournament
Teamwork Teamwork
Perform a Touchdown Assist in Endzone
Power Play Power Play
Win the PowerSlam tournament
Big Shot Big Shot
Be the Champion in League 3
Ace Ace
Become the Top Gun
Going Pro Going Pro
Be promoted from Division 10
Up-and-Comer Up-and-Comer
Be promoted from Division 8
Breaking Ranks Breaking Ranks
Be promoted from Division 6
Pilot License Pilot License
Complete the Tutorial
Matchplay Matchplay
Complete your first online match
Open Season Open Season
Complete your first league match
Most Valuable Most Valuable
Be the MVP in a match
New Ride New Ride
Purchase your first RIG
Draft Pick Draft Pick
Hire your first paid hire pilot
A Word From Our Sponsor A Word From Our Sponsor
Complete your first sponsorship
Show Off Show Off
Complete your first Trials challenge
Suit Up Suit Up
Customize your pilot
Destruction Derby Destruction Derby
Win a Team Takedown match
Denial Ain't a River in Egypt Denial Ain't a River in Egypt
Perform a defensive takedown in Endzone
Goooooooooooal! Goooooooooooal!
Score a goal in PowerSlam
In The Zone In The Zone
Score a touchdown in Endzone
Mano a Mano Mano a Mano
Win a 1 vs 1 matchmade match
Globetrotter Globetrotter
Win a match in every arena
U-List U-List
Become a U-list celebrity