RESOGUN Trophy List

Trophy List Banner
Complete all levels
Complete all levels on Rookie difficulty
Complete all levels on Experienced difficulty
Complete all levels on Veteran difficulty
Complete Acis
Complete Ceres
Complete Decima
Complete Febris
Complete Mefitis
Save two humans within a span of one second
Kill 50 enemies with one boost
Reach the end-boss of any level using boost only
Kill 100 enemies during Overdrive
Complete a level on Master difficulty
Complete Arcade mode without losing all lives, on Experienced difficulty
Save all humans
Save a human from an Abductor's beam
Save all humans on Acis
Save all humans on Ceres
Save all humans on Decima
Save all humans on Febris
Save all humans on Mefitis
Save a human
Get a multiplier of 5x
Get a multiplier of 10x
Get a multiplier of 15x
Throw a human to the escape pod
Complete the game with Ferox
Complete the game with Nemesis
Complete the game with Phobos
Fully upgrade the ship
Fully upgrade the main gun
Fully upgrade the overdrive