Red Faction: Armageddon Trophy List

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Unlock all Trophies in Red Faction: Armageddon
Gain entry into the Terraformer.
Remove the Seal.
Make it back to civilization.
Escort the convoy.
Destroy the Water Filtration Plant.
Make it to the surface.
Defend the Red Faction.
Destroy the Jamming Devices.
Defeat the Mantis.
Travel to the Marauder homelands.
Safely escort Winters through the depths.
Find out how to reach the lair.
Open up the secret entrance.
Make it through to the lair.
Defeat the source of it all.
Finish the Single Player game on Hard Difficulty.
Finish the Single Player game on Insane Difficulty.
Put an end to the threat, once and for all.
Kill 175 enemies while in the L.E.O. exoskeleton.
Kill 5 enemies with one L.E.O. shoulder bash.
Kill 100 enemies while in the Marauder Scout Walker.
Kill an enemy by ramming them with the Inferno GX.
Destroy 100 Pods while piloting the Mantis.
Listen to 40 Audio Logs.
Find 200 piles of salvage.
Gather 25,000 total salvage.
Buy out any one Upgrade ring.
Buy every Upgrade.
Buy a Cheat.
Send an enemy at least 30 meters with Impact.
Kill 5 enemies in one shot with Impact.
Kill 50 Shockwaved enemies before they hit the ground.
Kill 6 enemies in one use of Shockwave.
Keep Berserk active for at least 21 seconds in one use.
Make an enemy kill themselves while shooting at your Shell.
Send an enemy at least 50 meters with the Magnet Gun.
Fire an enemy into another enemy with the Magnet Gun.
Use the Magnet Gun to fling debris BACK at a Tentacle.
Kill one of each enemy type with the Maul.
Perform melee finishers on 25 Creepers (single player only).
Kill 2 other enemies with a single exploding Berserker.
Kill a Wraith before it re-stealths.
Finish waves 1 through 10 on any map in Infestation.
Finish waves 1 through 20 on any map in Infestation.
Finish waves 1 through 30 on any map in Infestation.
Finish at least one wave on each map in Infestation.
Perform Revival 25 times in Infestation.
Finish a 4 player Infestation game beyond wave 9 without anyone bleeding out.
Clear a safe path to the Terraformer for Hale. (Downloadable Content)
Allow no Red Faction to survive your attacks on their mountain base. (Downloadable Content)
Reunite Sgt. Winters with the Red Faction. (Downloadable Content)
Rescue the pinned-down Red Faction soldiers. (Downloadable Content)
Wipe out the Cultist military camp. (Downloadable Content)
Get 20 kills with the Shard Cannon. (Downloadable Content)
Eliminate 10 enemies using one of their own turrets. (Downloadable Content)
End the three-way battle between yourself, the aliens, and the Cultists. (Downloadable Content)
Get 20 kills with the Sharpshooter. (Downloadable Content)
Kill Mallus. (Downloadable Content)