Record of Grancrest War Trophy List

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Unlocked all trophies.
Reached level 5.
Defeated a Named Monster.
Completed Chapter 1.
Completed Chapter 2.
Completed Chapter 3.
Completed Chapter 4.
Completed Chapter 5.
Completed Chapter 6.
Completed Chapter 7.
Completed Chapter 8.
Completed the normal route.
Completed the hard route.
Defeated Chaos with an S rank.
Defeated the Dragon Lord with an S rank.
Completed a generic base conversation.
Completed a subevent.
Won 20 Defend a Seige Battles.
Won 20 Seige Battles.
Defeated 10 types of enemies (HNM) dwelling deep in the dungeon.
Defeated enemy (SNM) dwelling at the bottom of the Abyss.
Completed 100 quests.
Total base level reached 1,000.
Possess 100,000 gold.
Recruited 100 units.
Acquired 1,000 dignity points.
One character reached level 50.