Record of Agarest War Trophy List

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Earned every trophy.
Make sure to check your titles. You can acquire titles at the Adventurer's Guild in town.
Execute a coordinated attack with six characters.
You have added an item to the shop. Keep doing alchemy to add more.
Captured a monster.
Combined monsters.
Created three marionettes.
Dealt over 10,000 damage with a single blow.
Used your first Special Art.
It seems something unexpected was created.
Every profile is now available.
Every item in the gallery is now available.
Cleared Generation 1.
Cleared Generation 2.
Cleared Generation 3.
Cleared Generation 4.
Cleared Generation 5.
Created a special monster by combining other monsters.
Elaine is my bride!
Luana is my bride!
Fyuria is my bride!
Valeria is my bride!
Yayoi is my bride!
Sherufanir is my bride!
Lavinia is my bride!
Faina is my bride!
Noah is my bride!
Silvi is my bride!
Hildegard is my bride!
Ryuryu is my bride!
The number of turns has exceeded 500.
You have been loved like there's no tomorrow.
Saw the true ending.
Defeated the last of the ancient gods.
Earned every title.