Realms of Arkania: Blade of Destiny Trophy List

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All trophies unlocked!
Get a battle calculated by AI.
Get 100 battles calculated by AI.
Use the battle axe in a fight.
Contest a battle without killing someone.
Attack a party member.
Escape from battle.
Win a battle with Armor Rate 0 on all party members.
Make a hero wear a cursed item.
20 overland journeys.
20 sea journeys.
Visit all dungeons in the main game.
Less then 3 Movement caused by overloading.
Get an Armor Rate of 10.
Reach a Strength of 20.
Get 3 weapons shattered.
Pick 25 locks.
Fail Carouse Check 10 times.
Have 5 miracles granted by the gods.
Brew 10 poisons.
Summon 10 ghosts.
Summon 10 skeletons.
Find 5 secret doors.
Hunt down 500 provisions.
Save 250 ducats.
Earn 50 ducats by bargaining.
Earn 50 ducats by music-making in taverns.
Give 25 ducats to the needy.
Donate 100 ducats in temples.
Spend your last penny.
Walk right into a trap.
Assign a hero for all 3 night watches.
Interrupt the rituals in the abandoned hostel.
Give the right answer to the Griffin's riddle.
Healing leads to illness.
Resurrect a hero.
Get caught at stealing and thrown out.
Get bitten by a rat within a dungeon.
Find the cheese toast memorial.
Save Thorwal from the Orks.
Get Thorwal run down by the Orks.