R.B.I. Baseball 16 Trophy List

R.B.I. Machine R.B.I. Machine
Hit 1000 RBIs (any mode)
World Champions World Champions
Win the World Series (Season Mode only)
Movin' On Movin' On
Qualify for the Postseason in Season Mode (play at least 50% of total games)
Hot Streak Hot Streak
Win 20 games within any single month (Season Mode only – sim games don't count)
Aces All Around Aces All Around
Score 5 consecutive Wins with your starting pitchers (Season or Postseason Mode)
Save One For Me! Save One For Me!
Score a save in 5 straight games with any pitchers (Season or Postseason Mode)
Going the Distance Going the Distance
Win 12 Complete Games in a single Season (starting pitcher must go all 9 innings)
Speedster Speedster
Steal 40 bases with a single player in Season mode
Road Warrior Road Warrior
Win an Online Ranked match
Double Digits Double Digits
Score at least 10 runs and win in an Online Ranked game
Uncontainable Uncontainable
Score in every inning of a 9-inning game (vs CPU or Online Ranked only)
Eye on the Ball Eye on the Ball
Win a 9-inning game without striking out (vs CPU or Online Ranked only)
DH Debate DH Debate
Hit a Home Run with the Pitcher (vs CPU or Online Ranked only)
Back-to-Back Back-to-Back
Hit 2 consecutive Home runs (vs CPU or Online Ranked only)
Stayin' Alive Stayin' Alive
Reach base after an AB of 10 or more pitches (vs CPU or Online Ranked only)
Not Today, Partner Not Today, Partner
Knock out the CPU's pitcher by the 3rd inning
Top Dog - Home Runs Top Dog - Home Runs
Beat the 2015 HR leader: 48 Home Runs in a season with a single player
Top Dog - RBIs Top Dog - RBIs
Beat the 2015 RBI leader: 131 RBIs in a season with a single player
Top Dog - Strikeouts Top Dog - Strikeouts
Beat the 2015 Strikeouts leader: 302 Strikeouts in a season with a single player